The Ciampini family starts this travel back in the 1941 in the pulsating heart of Rome, in its historical places and picturesque streets: from Piazza Navona with the famous “I Tre Scalini”, then Via Frattina in the 50s and finishing in the striking Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina.

Angelo Ciampini contributes to increase the popularity of these places in Italy and abroad with a series of cultural initiatives and creating the Association of Italian Streets. One of the reference point for intellectuals, artists, politics, journalists and sportsmen of that period was his coffee shop.
In 1989 Ciampini moves its activity in the typical Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, political, social and economic junction of the city, proving to be one of the most eminent and elegant coffee shop in Rome.
In 2000 the work of Ciampini’s family is recognized even on the Time International, wich votes it as “Best Cafè in town”.

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