Our Ice Cream

Being handmade is the main characteristic of Ciampini ice cream.
The passion for ice creams has always been the pride of our tradition for more than 50 years and we
prepare it respecting the ancient handmade recipe.

Our craft man, a real artisan, uses the recipes handed down from generations,
obtained after four generations of experiments and balanced on every different taste according to the characteristics of the main ingredient.
In our laboratory we still use the traditional batch freezer with vertical blade, in which the ice cream is hand
extracted and can be a good ice cream only if the master is experienced and able.
This process, which requires more time and efforts, ensures the integrity and a better blend among ingredients.

Our ingredients are only fresh and natural, there are no pigments or chemical thickeners, we only use a natural ingredient, extracted from carob seeds. Because of this, our ice cream seems raw, it quickly melts and after a few days hardens in the freezer.
For the creams we use organic milk, organic eggs and high quality fresh cream, our fruit flavor contain up to 70% of fresh fruits.

To ensure the proper maintenance of our delicious ice cream and preserve the quality we keep ice creams in buckets in old style freezer. This ensures homogeneity in the distribution of temperatures and less contact with air, so the ice creams don’t oxidize and organoleptic properties don’t change.

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