Our Pizza

Our pizzas and focaccias gourmet are prepared with three biological flours and natural stone ground.
The mixture is left to rise for 48 hours and doesn’t contain animal fats nor chemical agents, and it is very light and easy to digest.
The “Ciampini” is composed of bufala mozzarella, red potatoes from Leonessa, baked ham from Norcia and truffle cheese from Monte Leone di Spoleto.
Our menu goes from the more classical pizzas like the “Vegetarian” and the “Bismarck”, to the more gourmet ones like the “Valnerina”, with bufala mozzarella, broccoli and bacon spiced with herbs; the “Amatrice”, with tomato sauce, home-made bacon, black pepper and Parmigiano Reggiano. Then, you can’t miss the focaccias like the “Chiana”, with air-cured Chianina beef, rocket salad and parmesan, and the “Cascia”, with Favola Mortadella Bologna, mushrooms and sheep ricotta cheese.

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